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Deciding Between Fabric or Leather for Your New Furniture

Fabric or Leather for Your New Furniture?

fabric sofa

Why Fabric?


  • Less Expensive

Even designer fabrics tend to be between 25% – 60% less expensive than top-grain leather options.

  • Style

There are countless options in terms of colors and types of fabrics.  There are an abundance of patterns and materials from which to choose.

  • Overall Look

Fabric pieces often provide a cozier atmosphere, and tend to make a room look very inviting.

  • Feel

Fabric is usually softer than leather, and often people prefer to sit on this texture.   If you decide to go with a fabric-upholstered piece, the next step will be to select the perfect upholstery to match your style and space!

Which Fabrics?

Common Fabric Types

  • Microsuede

Microsuede or “microfiber” is a synthetic fabric that is made from tightly compacted and thin polyester fibers.  This fabric is great if you own pets or have kids, since microsuede is exceptionally stain resistant and very difficult to pierce.  Microfibers also tend to be very soft and comfortable to relax on.

  • Chenille

In French, “Chenille” means caterpillar.  Chenille fabrics got their name due to their particularly soft and plush texture.  This fabric is great if you want a fuzzy and cozy piece.  However it is not as tightly compressed as microsuede, and thus scores slightly lower marks in terms of durability.

  • Woven Fabrics

These fabrics have a wide range of textures and are made of a variety of materials.  Woven fabrics generally aren’t quite as soft as a microsuede or chenille, but are rather more canvas like.  Woven fabrics can be smooth or rough depending on how tight the weave is.  The more tightly woven a fabric is, the more durable and easy a piece is to clean.  Common materials used in this fabric are: polyester, cotton, polypropylene, olefin, polyurethane, linen, and nylon.

  • Polyester is man-made, fade resistant, and durable.  It looks similar to cotton and is soft.  It is often blended with other fabrics.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene is man-made and very durable yet lightweight.  It is stain resistant and has great color retention.
  • Polyurethane is man-made and very durable and flexible.  It has great stain resistance.
  • Nylon is man-made and is one of the most durable fabrics.  It is lightweight and easy to wash.
  • Cotton is a strong natural fabric.  It is soft, very comfortable, and breathable.  It is a somewhat stain resistant.
  • Linen is natural.  It is very strong and does not pill.  It doesn’t collect dust and is fairly easy to clean.

To further explore these leathers and fabrics, visit our Design Center, located in the majority of the product pages. Click “Start Customizing” to begin designing!   leather sofa

Why Leather?


  • Beauty

While it’s true that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, leather truly provides a rich and unique look in leather that simply cannot be duplicated.

  • Durability

Scratches and scrapes are no match for top-grain leather.  Why do you think bikers wear leather jackets?

  • Exceptional Aging

Leather furniture will last decades.  People often look to speed up their piece’s aging process just to get that amazing aged-leather look and feel.

  • Easily Cleaned

Compared to fabric pieces, leather pieces are easier to clean and do not need to be cleaned nearly as often.

  • Allergies

Leather does not trap dust, pet fur, or other common allergens.  This a great choice for those with allergies, as allergens can often get caught in fabric furniture.

Which Leather?

Do you go for the 100% Top Grain, the Bonded, the Full Grain, or the Performance Leather?  Aren’t they all the same?  Leather is leather, right?  Actually no, not at all! The biggest difference is that Bonded Leather and Performance leather aren’t really leather.    That’s why Savvy Home only carries 100% real leather, and not Bonded product.  Read on:

  • 100% Top Grain

Top Grain Leather is entirely made of the top-most layer of a hide, which is both softest and strongest portion.  Top Grains are often corrected to create a more uniform look on the leather. leather sofa


  • Full Grain Leather

Full Grain is a sub-section of Top Grain, where no blemishes or imperfections are corrected.  This leather has a slightly more unfinished look, but as a result, each piece looks extremely unique from one another.

  • Bonded/Performance Leather

Bonded Leather is generally made of up of 50% plastics, and 50% blended leather hide scraps.  Bonded options are often cheaper than Top Grain, but unfortunately do not possess the qualities of leather that people pay for in a genuine piece, including unmatched durability and aging.  In fact, Bonded Leather may begin to peel off of a piece’s surface after a few months or years, which does not happen with Top Grain leather.  


     Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure that the piece you purchase is composed completely of leather.  If a piece is made with leather, then it could be as low as 2% real leather.
  • Strange markings on genuine leather aren’t imperfections.  They are the natural markings that guarantee your piece is made of the utmost quality.  They might be bite marks or scratches that were previously on the cow hide.
  • “100% Genuine Bonded Leather”  is not real leather.  Unfortunately, this claim can be rather misleading if one is not aware of the nature of top-grain leather.
  • At Savvy Home, all of our leather furniture is 100% real, genuine leather.
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New Savvy Brand Models

Nine Brand New Savvy Styles

We at Savvy Home are proud to announce the arrival of nine brand new Savvy Brand models! All of our new models come in a number of sizes and are available as stationary and sleeper sofas. Here’s a brief introduction to these awesome new Savvy styles. See something you like? Head over to the site to check it out!

The Aventura

First off, we have the Aventura, a transitional piece with a loose pillow-back and slim track arms. As comfortable as it is stylish, the Aventura’s plush cushions offer a cozy seat on a compact frame. The Aventura comes in four varieties: The Chaise Sectional, Chaise Sectional Queen Sleeper Sofa, True Sectional, and True Sectional Queen Sleeper Sofa. Like all of our sofas, the Aventura is fully customizable in our huge selection of designer upholstery fabric.

Savvy Home Aventura Thumbnail

The Mercer Island

Next up is the Mercer Island, a modern design featuring t-shape cushions, track arms and an angled seatback. This stylish new model provides a rare combination of progressive taste and good old fashioned coziness. Available in the same sizes as the Aventura, the Mercer Island might just be the sectional you’ve been looking for.

Savvy Home Mercer Island Thumbnail

The Portland

Available as a Sofa, Loveseat, Queen Sleeper or Full Sleeper, the Portland is guaranteed to make a great addition to any decor. A compact model, the Portland is a modern piece marked by contrasting piping, slim track arms, and an exceptionally clean design. Choose from our vast array of designer fabric upholsteries to create the perfect Portland for your home.

Savvy Home Portland Thumbnail

The Knoxville

Looking for something more refined? Maybe the Knoxville better suits your tastes. This compact model provides uniquely curved arms and luxuriously soft seating. A compact piece, the Knoxville is a stylish, yet practical sleep solution.

Savvy Home Knoxville Sofa Thumbnail

The Burbank

The Burbank provides comfort in a sleek transitional package. With plush seats-cushions, straight arms and stylish wooden legs, the Burbank is sure to satisfy any homeowner. The Burbank is available in six different options including Arm Chair, Loveseat, Sofa, Chaise Sectional Sofa, U-Shape True Sectional Sofa, and last but not least Queen Sleeper Sofa.

Burbank Queen Sleeper Savvy Thumbnail


The Bristol

Do you like Transitional decor. Do you love a piece with traditional sensibilities and a touch of modern flair? If so, the Bristol might be exactly what you’re looking for. Slim track arms, contrasting piping and tufted cushions combine to make a unique transitional look. The Bristol comes as an Arm Chair, Loveseat, Sofa, or Queen Sleeper. In other words, there’s a Bristol for almost any space!

Bristol Queen Sleeper Savvy Home

The Savona

For those with more traditional tastes, we present the Savona. The Savona’s unique design captures the elegance of simpler times. With tufted cushions, slightly angled arms and customizable contrasting piping, the Savona is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any room in the house.

Savona Chaise Lounge Savvy Thumbnail

With all of these brand new models, there must be one that suits your fancy. If not, no worries, visit the site today and check out hundreds of different style options!

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Pantone Announces the Blending of Two Shades for 2016 Color of the Year

A Historic First

Pantone names Rose Quartz and Serenity as the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year. The 2016 selection marks the first time Pantone has chosen the blending of two separate shades as the Color of the Year.

pantone thumbnail serenity rose quartz


Blurring Gender Roles in Wider Fashion World

Pantone explained that the cool blue of Serenity and the warm pink of Rose Quartz combine to create an easing sense of order and calm. Pantone also noted that the decision reflects a broader gender blur in fashion. This blur is turn caused by an even broader social shift towards gender equality. The merging of a color traditionally associated with males and a color traditionally associated with females seemed to them a logical representation of our culture at large.

pantone color blending


 A Calm and Secure Combination

Rose Tone, independently, is a gentle tone, but one that displays a sense of calm and equanimity. Serenity is reminiscent of blue skies and evokes similar feelings of relaxation and weightlessness. Together the colors are intended to create an atmosphere of calm security.

Pantone Quote on Color Choice


Previous Color of The Year Selections 

For those interested in a little bit of Pantone Color of The Year history, check out the image below displaying Pantone’s entire collection of top color predictions for the past 16 years. Do you feel that they have their finger on the pulse of color and design?

previous color of the year

Tell us What You Think About Pantone’s Choice

How do you feel about Pantone’s choice? Will you be using these two colors together in your home? Do you think the choice of two colors was a brilliant shift from the norm, or just a convenient cop-out? Let us know in the comment section below, we at Savvy Home would love to hear your thoughts!

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Houzz.com Honors Savvy Home

Savvy Home Named as Influencer and Recommended Brand

This past month, Savvy Home received two honors from Houzz.com! We were named a top “Influencer” and a “Recommended” brand. The Influencer badge is awarded to industry professionals whose advice and insights are most appreciated by the general Houzz community. The Recommended badge is saved for only the highest rated users on Houzz.



Houzz: Redefining Interior Design Collaboration

For those unfamiliar, Houzz is a popular website that connects designers and homeowners through a unique platform. Users look to the site to find design professionals or to simply browse through home decor ideas. Professional and ametuer designers share their work on the site via projects and ideabooks. Both of which can be viewed and commented on by all users.

houzz blog post savvy home

We at Savvy Home are delighted that we have been acknowledged for our activity on Houzz, where we have assisted many in finding the right furniture to fit their specific needs. We plan to continue working through the site to help homeowners and potential customers perfect their home decor.

Endless Design Ideas At Your Fingertips

houzz blog post houzz shot

We are grateful to Houzz for the development of their groundbreaking website and for recognizing our positive contributions to the network they have created. Whether working with a repeat customer or merely a potential customer, we at Savvy Home take great pride in providing only the best customer service.


We couldn’t be happier to know that our fellow Houzz users hold us in such high regard. We will continue our activity on Houzz and always strive to build the strongest rapport possible with our shoppers and our friends in the industry.

Sign up on Houzz.com today and join the design conversation. What are you waiting for?

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Bernhardt Interiors Collection

We are proud to announce the introduction of the Bernhardt Interiors collection to Savvy Home.

Bernhardt Interiors is a new line of artfully crafted furniture from one of the industry’s most trusted names. The collection offers a wide selection of elegant pieces, each design offering a unique sense of self-expression. Tap into your inner artist with these beautifully crafted furnishings.

Armchairs and Sofa From Bernhardt Interiors

Bernhardt Interior Denton Sofa Room 725

The Bernhardt Interiors custom collection features quality ottomans, chairs, loveseats, sofas, sleepers and sectionals.  All of which are made in America. Choose from over a half a dozen different styles including the Denton, Kirkland, Franco, Henderson, Hollis, Diane, Cumberland and Carver. Each of these inspired styles contains the perfect balance of artistry and comfort.

Diane Leather Sofa with Down-Blend Cushions


diane real 725

The Bernhardt Interiors collection offers nuanced refinement. Each style has its own unique attributes, though all share an emphasis on detail and sophistication. The Franco Armchair features wonderfully detailed nailhead accents. The Diane boasts a beautiful diamond-tufted back cushion, while the Townhouse offers unique tracked pillow arms. We could spend all day listing these details, but we figure you would rather visit the site and view them yourself.

Every style is available in a vast array of designer fabric upholsteries. Most are available in our equally impressive collection of top-grain leathers. No matter the decor, the Bernhardt Interiors collection is guaranteed to add a level of class to any living space.

Townhouse Arm Chair with Down-Blend Cushions

berhardt interiors collection


Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming additions to the site, including the Bernhardt Upholstery collection.  As Bernhardts’ original value-oriented line, the Upholstery collection offers timeless craftsmanship and classic style.  Check back soon for this exciting new furniture collection.

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New Furniture Finder Tool

We at Savvy Home are proud to announce the recent launch of our new Furniture Finder tool! Truly the first of its kind in the industry, the Furniture Finder guides customers through the online shopping experience from A to Z. Let our technology do the work for you!

furniture finder savvy home

Use the Furniture Finder to Select Preferences

Upon opening the Furniture Finder, shoppers are prompted to choose from a short series of design preferences. Are you looking for a chair, a loveseat or a sofa? Do you prefer leather or fabric? Do you want nailhead accents? Rolled arms or straight? Based on these choices, customers are fed a list of suggested products determined by our own original algorithm. The number of recommended products varies depending upon the selected preferences. Choose less common features and receive a more narrow list of results.

furniture finder image

The Finder serves to take the mystery out of furniture shopping. Our equation based system allows you to quickly and easily whittle down your potential purchases, helping you find the perfect piece for you and your home today. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Simply change a preference or two and receive a new list of suggested products.

Choose From Furniture Finder Results

furniture finder savvy home

We understand that your time is precious. We also understand that searching for furniture online is not always the most pleasant activity. Those two reasons are exactly why we created the Furniture Finder. To save you time, effort and unnecessary headaches while enhancing your overall shopping experience.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself today and see what all the fuss is about: http://finder.savvyhomestore.com/furniture

Or see what California Home + Design had to say about this groundbreaking system here

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We Have a Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations to Edna Desulme, winner of our Savvy Home Store Scholarship! Born in Jamaica and raised in Haiti, our scholarship winner Edna is currently pursuing a Masters of Interior Architecture at Florida International University.

Edna’s bright academic history, numerous business ventures (she has founded three businesses in Haiti), and top notch interior layouts made her an exemplary candidate. With her progressive design ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, Edna immediately caught our eye. In addition to her design expertise, Edna is also an accomplished photographer and experienced marketing manager. As if her resume was not already strong enough, Edna is tri-lingual! She speaks French, English and Spanish.

We are proud and delighted to present Edna with this award. The future of the Interior Design industry is clearly bright and we look forward to watching her succeed in whatever endeavors she takes on next.

The Savvy Home Store Scholarship was presented to one student with a strong interest in Interior Design or a related field. The scholarship winner was chosen by a selection committee composed of Savvy Home Store employees. Applicants were required to submit an academic transcript, a personal statement, and five interior layouts or furniture designs.

We would also like to thank all of our other applicants. We reviewed submissions from many students who were more than qualified to receive this award. It was a pleasure reviewing work from the best and brightest of the next generation of interior designers. We wish everyone the best of luck as you continue your promising careers in this exciting industry.

Check out Edna’s winning designs, below:

Edna's First Interior Design Edna's Second Interior Design Edna's Third Interior Design Edna's Fourth Interior Design Edna's Fifth Interior Design

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3 Considerations For Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress

Keep in mind the following three factors when making your next memory foam mattress purchase:


For the majority of shoppers, this is the most important consideration when purchasing a new mattress. Everyone wants their bed to be comfortable, but not everyone has the same idea of comfort. There are a few subtle things to think about when it comes to picking out the right bed.

The first question we ask our customers is “What position do you sleep in at night?”

People will generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Back
  • Side
  • Stomach

Most folks are side sleepers, including those who sleep sort of on their stomach but with an arm up and a leg out. Side sleepers need something soft enough that they don’t put too much pressure on their hips or shoulders. Memory foam is one of the most conforming sleep systems and provides superior pressure relief for those more sensitive areas.

Back Sleepers and flat-on-the-stomach sleepers have an easier time sleeping, so firmer is generally better. Back and stomach sleepers still need some cushioning to take into account the natural curve of the spine, so don’t throw out your mattress and go running to the flooring department of your local hardware store.

Pinnacle Memory Foam Mattress by Enso


Temperature is easily one of the most overlooked aspects of sleep comfort and is crucial to getting a long, deep night of sleep. Manufacturers have only recently addressed the “too hot” nature of many memory foam beds.

Two key improvements in memory foam technology:

  • Manufacturersm such as Enso, have begun channeling the foam portions in the top of the mattress to help give ventilation between you and the mattress, guaranteeing a cool comfy night’s sleep.
  • Gel injections have been used to keep the ambient temperature of the bed much lower.

Combined, these measures have worked to create a more optimal sleeping experience.

Airflow and Cooling for Temperature Controlled Mattress


Most traditional beds will last approximately 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. Sadly, the average person is more likely to replace theirs every 10 years. That means there are a lot of unhappy sleepers. Springs fatigue over time, and with daily use your regular mattress will develop peaks and valleys. Memory foam mattresses, with their superior ability to retain shape, will last 20 to 25 years on average, without needing to be replaced.

Our memory foam mattresses even come with a 20 year warranty. Additionally, memory foam mattresses are as convenient as they are comfortable. There’s no maintenance required, no flipping, no rotating, and no undercoating package. The only thing you have to do with a memory foam mattress is sleep on it!

If you have any other questions on mattress selection, feel free to contact the sales staff at Savvy Home Store.

Durability of a Memory Foam Mattress

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Savvy Home Featured on DIY TV – Amish Renogades

Savvy Home was in the media again this month–with a stylish sofa delivered to the set of Amish Renogades!  We love working with clients of all types, and it’s always fun to see a project like theirs come together.

Savvy Home Sofa on Amish Renogades DIY TV

In the “Beantown Basement” episode of DIY TV’s hit “Amish Renogades” show, Albert and Leon arrive in Boston, MA to update a 70’s era basement.   The sofa we provided brought the room together and created the perfect space for the family to come together to spend time and relax.

About Amish Renogades on DIY TV

The folks over at the D.I.Y. network have a several excellent home improvement shows that we watch to get ideas and stay current. Tune in, you never know when the Amish Renogades come to your city–or when we are going to be delivering the next piece of furniture to a hit show.

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Savvy Home Launched at Apartment Therapy Maker Talk

Max Alcabes on the launch of Savvy Home at Apartment Therapy’s Maker Talk.



Savvy Home’s purpose is to help our customers find the perfect item to add to their Home:

  • When it comes to shopping for furniture, Savvy Home has the Greatest Selection.
  • Our website is designed for users to CUSTOMIZE this selection according to their own needs.
  • Our staff is trained to Support This Process in every way possible.

Sure, we’re a furniture company.  But, our best product is the shopping experience we provide.  
Savvy Home.  Get The Furniture You Want.
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